My watercolors moved!


Deciding can sometimes take forever...

...but I finally did it: I got a new palette for my watercolors!

They have a new home now.

It’s very special.

It’s big.

It has interchangeable wells. (Perfect for someone who couldn’t make up her mind about the color set up in another 10 years...) SPINS! Weee!


I had some messy fun filling it up!

Fully emptying the color tubes into the wells displayed the whole beauty as well as the different consistency of each color.

Some even have a scent to them!

“Lamp Black” reminded me of the smell of brown coal back in the times of the GDR.


What a sensory experience!

Through the process, I got to know my paints a lot better.

And what else have I learned?

Never fully empty the tubes, but save some to fill into your travel palettes! : /

Oh well...make mistakes to learn, right?


Neat, huh? Have you ever seen a palette that is a watercolor carousel?

With love,