Writing half asleep


Just a couple of weeks ago, I’ve learned about the magic of the wee small hours of the morning, the so called ambrosial hours.

Being an early bird, I did know that one can get a lot of stuff done in the early morning. In this certain tranquility, I always feel a strong flow of productive energy and serene optimism.

But I never thought of using this magical time for writing until I had this experience:

I woke up around 3:30 a.m., and a continuous stream of ideas, sentences and images flowed through my mind. I kept grabbing my notepad from my nightstand and scribbled down one after the other. But it became arduous, because I was actually still trying to sleep. So, I ended up laying in bed with my eyes closed, notepad and pen in my hand, writing.

The next day, I was very curious to read it!

I had jotted down some dialogue for the book I’m working on, and some random, unrelated scenes. I even added a note to myself that this time, I was dreaming in English!

It was wild.

While going back and forth between sleep and wakefulness, I felt a real and tangible connection to spirit, the source of inspiration.

Did you know about those magical hours? What would be worth getting up a little earlier for you? I’d love to know (and get inspired)! Please share in the comments below.

With love,