Haunted by a Blue Wolf


Now, that I’m drawing, I notice that images come to me just like words do. Little creatures that are nudging me, pulling on my sleeve saying, “Hey, me! Me-e-e-e!” (No different than a toddler!) That’s how it happened with the blue wolf. One night, that fascinating little fellow with the light green eyes popped into my head out of nowhere. So majestic. And very demanding.

“Ok,” I said. “I’ll draw you tomorrow.”

And much like the princess treated the frog in the fairytale, I had forgotten all about my promise the next day.

But Mr. Wolf wouldn’t leave me alone (because of his pride). He disguised himself and tried again.

Leafing through my favorite German magazine, there he was staring at me from the page.

A woman wearing a shirt in the color of his eyes, and a skirt blue like his fur.

Her energy, facial expression, her pose, and wild aura reflected his.

With amazement, I tore the page out and put it beside me as I finally drew the blue wolf.

It’s astonishing how inspiration comes to us; sometimes loud and demanding, but more often in whispers.

Do you remember the last time you experienced a nudge to create? Did you follow it or did you choose to ignore it?

I’m curious! Please share your story below.

Much love!