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Writing is like dealing with a toddler

Writing a novel is much like getting a toddler ready to leave the house. Patiently staying in the moment and focussing on one step at a time is key:...

When in doubt, choose “badass”

The other day, a friend and I went to an ethnic bazaar. We were looking at African jewelry and showed each other what we liked. I held a pair...

How I ruined a nice drawing

You wonder why I drew another wolf? Here are 4 reasons: Reason #1: It popped up in my mind, emerging from a deep and powerful place. So I ran...

About Me

Christina Hughes

Reconnect with that magical place…

…I know, we all get busy, and we become adults. In the hustle of today’s world it’s really easy to lose touch with that part of ourselves that revels in enchanting tales, imagination and playfulness.

Come with me. I invite you on a journey! I am a writer and illustrator, a curious traveller. I’m always learning and striving for growth and truth.

My whimsical stories and illustrations come from my heart to bring delight and inspiration to yours. May sharing my creative process & progress spark your passion to follow your very own truth.

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