How I ruined a nice drawing


I’m committed to “tackle the muzzle”. Those silly snouts are incredibly hard to draw (or is it just me?).

In this case, the muzzle turned out fine, but a whole bunch of other parts of that wolf went wrong…

I intended to draw a graceful wolf, but the drawing process often has its own dynamic - just like a wild animal!

Here’s what happened:

That’s what happens when you skip drawing the framework. Lesson learned.

I wasn’t able to fix it, but I had an idea…

Here you have it: You can look cute and still be wild!

On that note, remember to be creative with circumstances you cannot change.

Most of the time there’s something valuable in it that you can discover when you stay open and look for the gold in the heap of ...stinky mess. :)

I hope you enjoyed that little behind the scenes of my creative process!