Finding your wolf spirit


I’ve drawn quite a collection of wolves lately! They seem to emerge form a deep and powerful place. I started to wonder why these creatures keep popping up in my mind...

I do love the flickering uncertainty in between cute & fuzzy and untrustworthy & a little bit evil, maybe.

There’s something about these beasts that evokes a feeling of savage naturalness, reminding me to embrace all facets of being, without judgement.

There’s beauty and grace, but also an ugly and not-so-nice side in us.

The cute fuzzball, is also a selfish hunter. We share similar instincts. Some ought to be controlled, but others need to be freed. Instead, we learned to keep them in a cage. Take for instance selfishness.

A certain degree of selfishness benefits those around us, because only when we take good care of ourselves, we can truly support others from a place of wholeness.

And in return, this empowers others because it teaches them to care for themselves as well.

A wolf reminds me to allow myself to be wild and to reconnect with my intuition.

This is so much harder than following other people’s expectations.

We all have our own personal journey to fulfill, and the more we trust our guiding instincts, the more we step into our power and align with our true and best selves. Unapologetically, just like the wolf.

With love,


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