I’m Illustrating a Children’s Book!

I’m Illustrating a Children’s Book!

Last year, a friend of mine, a local writer & journalist, had asked me to illustrate his children’s story. The story is very dear to him, and he had kept it in his drawer for about 5 years! 

It’s a story in rhymes for toddlers, and I loved it right away. It describes the world of a toddler, and the hardships of his loving parents in such a funny, sweet and loving way. 

And so I put my novel aside, rolled up my sleeves, and got out my drawing pencil, my brushes, and watercolor palettes!

Since it was in the midst of a hot and humid Buffalo summer, I decided to move my studio into the dining room, where the air was cooler, and I also had plenty of space on the big dining table (which meant no guests for dinner for a while…).

The illustration process was magically unfolding!

The scenes formed into images in my mind almost by themselves, and so I sketched a storyboard.

I’ve been used to writing about the images I had in my head. This time, I was drawing images of someone else’s words. I found this quite amazing, and a lot of fun!

But even as an illustrator, it’s almost as if you’re creating a new story on a different level. You get to pick and choose whatever has been left out by the author – colors, characters’ features, or certain details of the surroundings, which again add to the characters’ personality. 

As the illustrator, you can even play with these words, put in some extra humor, even more loveliness, funny winks, or even a pinch of irony. As the illustrator, you bring in pieces of yourself, which merge with the author’s, and it creates a unique product of joint work and imagination!

This much I can say: It’s gonna be an adorable book for children, and just as entertaining for adults!

Initially, our plan was to turn it into an Ebook and then self-publish it. But the design process proved to be far too difficult and cumbersome for what we had in mind. 

We then decided to give the work to professional hands.

In addition to that, I personally prefer to hold a book in my hands when I read, especially when I’m reading to young children. They love to touch the pages and turn them over with their little sticky fingers, don’t they?  

So, we are currently looking for a publisher! 

That’s pretty exciting! I will keep you updated on the progress, so if you’re not on my email list already, make sure you sign up. 

I’m quite curious about your personal opinion on Ebook versus hard copy. Do you prefer reading a “real book” or are you totally fine with reading on a screen or Kindle?

Share your thoughts with me in the comments below!

With so much love,

Christina Hughes

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4 thoughts on “I’m Illustrating a Children’s Book!

  1. Kathleen Frank

    Hard copy books are wonderful…esp readying with children. They can easily turn pages …back and forth…paper feels good, warm in the hands…kindles are cold.

    1. Christina Hughes Post author

      Hi Kathleen, I agree. Although Kindles might be super practical in certain circumstances (e.g. when traveling), I also prefer the warmth and organic tangibility of hardcopy books! 💕

  2. Christine Johnson

    Hi Christina!
    Love that you’re illustrating a book and so close to being published!
    I definitely would prefer a hard copy book – physically taking a book off a shelf by itself or nestled with other books is special.
    There’s nothing like holding a book in your hands and turning another page – it’s part of the experience.

    1. Christina Hughes Post author

      I feel the exact same way about books. Also, manually turning a page gives a sense of accomplishment, and I’m a bit quirky here, but I love how the pages of especially older books smell! ☺️

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