Creating a shop with heart


It has been a lengthy endeavor, yet I finally it all came together: I created my online shop to sell heart-made art for kids (and their parents)!

These are the 3 main reasons this took its time:

1. I was determined to build a shop that is true to my values of environmental consciousness

We all have a responsibility in the environmental aspect of every choice we are making. After all, my art is for kids - and the earth is their future.

It was quite challenging to find alternatives for plastic shipping materials, and I’ve spent much time on research and thinking about another way to protect my art.

I just couldn’t get myself to buy plastic sleeves for my art - I always picture it ending up in a landfill, and that’s not what I want my art to contribute to.

Even the “compostable” plastics made of corn starch and sugar cane aren’t actually composting unless there’s a special heat process used. If not, they just sit there and won’t disappear, just like conventional plastic. 

Eventually, I decided that it’s not even necessary to wrap my prints in plastic, especially not for a one-time use. And instead, I found beautiful paper made of wood mill by-products from sustainably managed forests and controlled sources - and I love the colors!  

2. I want to offer beautiful quality for kids & support other local businesses

I’ve searched high and low for a good local print lab, and eventually found a small family owned (father & daughter) business, which I fell in love with!

I’m so amazed not only by their great service and print quality, but also that fantastic paper!! 

I’ve never seen anything like it: It resembles raw watercolor paper, and I can hardly believe that these prints are reproductions, because they feel and look like the originals (if not better)! 

3. I always create with heart and great care

And I believe this can be sensed in my illustrations.

Personally, I do not care for mainstream and cheap, soulless mass production. Instead, I choose things that have meaning. That is also the reason why I took all photos myself with props that are dear to me. I hope they warm your heart and inspire you!

Kids deserve things that are made with time & care. They need genuineness, warmth, and simplicity. My wish is that my whimsical, heartful illustrations will add exactly that to your kid’s precious space!

This is my mission as an artist.

All my love,